Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Birth Mom Letter

Dear friends,

As we write this letter to introduce you to our family, our prayers are with you in this difficult decision you are making. We truly admire you for your strength and courage during this trying time in your life. What a great example you are of one who lives a selfless life. We hope that the spirit may touch you that you may find peace and comfort in choosing the family that you feel fits best for your child, whether it is ours or another.

Toby and Nicole met in October of 2005 on a blind date set up by a mutual friend, and we have been inseparable since! We dated for a couple months shy of three years, and what memorable years they were. During that time, we were both able to get our schooling done; Toby graduated with a Masters Degree in Accounting and Nicole graduated with a license in Cosmetology. Our years of dating allowed us to become the best of friends and realize the love that we had for one another, and also the common goals and interests we shared.

Toby decided to ‘pop the question’ in May 2008. We were married two and a half months later in August in the St. George Temple. What a happy and memorable day it was, to start our lives together. After getting settled into our new life together in Salt Lake, we decided that we were ready to start our own family.

Our lives were truly blessed as we became a family of three in July 2010, with the birth of our beautiful daughter, Taylee. No words can describe the absolute joy and happiness that she instantly gave us! Three days after Taylee was born, Nicole was back in the hospital due to an unexpected complication, which required her to have emergency surgery due to a life threatening infection. As a result, she is no longer able to carry anymore children.

Although we now cannot have any more biological children, we firmly believe that adoption is another way that our Heavenly Father blesses us with the children that are supposed to be in our home. We are so excited to add another special spirit into our family, to give Taylee a new brother or sister, and to spoil with love.

We love spending time together as a family, and sharing life’s journey. Some of our favorite activities to do together are: swimming in the summer, going on walks, hiking, camping, taking Taylee running in her jogging stroller, playing games, shopping, taking vacations, starting our own traditions or any fun activity we can think of.

About Toby:

Toby grew up in St. George and is from a family of five children, consisting of two girls and three boys, of which he has an identical twin brother. He currently works for a CPA firm as an auditor, which he has been doing for the past four and a half years. This past year, he was able to pass the CPA exam and get his CPA license. Some of his hobbies include photography, tennis, hiking, being outdoors, singing and swimming.

Toby is a very hard worker and is able to provide for our family, allowing Nicole to be a stay-at-home mom. He is great with children and loves being a dad. He has such a fun, outgoing personality that draws people to him.

About Nicole:

Nicole also grew up in St. George and is from a family of five children, consisting of two girls and three boys. She is the youngest, and loved having four older siblings to look up to. She worked at a salon full time up until two days before having Taylee, and still does hair for a few regular clients on the side. She dedicates just about all of her time to being a mom, and wouldn’t change that for anything. She feels her greatest responsibility in this life is to be a mother and best friend to her children. Some of her hobbies include doing hair, crafts, sewing, scrapbooking, shopping, being outdoors, cooking and playing with children.

Nicole is a very organized and clean person. She enjoys shopping for bargains and is very good with finances. She loves being a mom and can’t wait to share that love with another child.

About Taylee:

Taylee is our bright, happy, smiley, loving, non-stop one-and-a-half year old! She is so full of personality and has a very curious mind. She is a fast learner and loves to help Nicole with chores around the house. She loves Cheerios and cheese and would eat them for every meal if we’d let her. She also loves bath time, reading books, coloring, shopping with Nicole and animals. Taylee loves other kids and having playmates. She loves spending time outside and going on walks in the park. She is such a loving little girl, and gives the best hugs and kisses. She has been a true blessing to have in our home.

We hope reading a little about our family has helped you. Our prayers are with you in the decision you are making. We want you to know that we look forward to meeting you and getting to know one another on a more personal basis.

With love,

Toby and Nicole